imago – Card Guessing Game

Play imago – the animated GIF pair puzzle card game with countless hours of replayability!

This game offers to help you train your visual memory, logic and focus the fun way. New trending GIF images to solve daily!

Challenge yourself with guessing and solving animated card pairs that help you get smarter and improve your attention!

How many cards can you guess?

Addictive, fun and simple to learn yet hard to master

⭐ Brain and memory training – guess all animated puzzle card pairs together
⭐ Unlock over 100 levels
⭐ Daily challenges
⭐ Pick your own favorite image category
⭐ Different game modes
⭐ Achievements
⭐ Over 20 unlockable card back rewards
⭐ Many unlockable colors
⭐ imago will help you improve your visual attention to detail!
⭐ An amazing and stylish retro design with many themes and card backs to unlock and choose from
⭐ Share your result with friends and see if they can best your time
⭐ Keeps you guessing by challenging you with the latest and greatest trending GIFs daily!

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